It is about faith, something that many people have lost because of the beautiful life, the luxury, the envy, the gluttony, the laziness, the avarice ...

Born with an immaculate whiteness, the child was placed in a dark room (the world) where all the walls were dirty by the grown-ups. Instead of these adults helping this child by opening the door for him to pass undefiled, they have left him face to face with the world without arms. They had ended by idolizing a vain virus that is Lucifer (fire).

In most video clips, red is not even a value, which is always highlighted. While black and white (God), which are values, are left behind by these fanatics of Lucifer. Like Satan, they refuse to give up their ego. They want to die with. He loves their ego just to try to demonstrate their existence. Man lives in an eternal dream illusory, and categorically refuses to wake up. It is an amnesic being who forgets every day its origin. However, it is often reminded of him, but in vain, he refuses to open his eyes, ears, mind ... He is simply bounded.

In short, man is the ice from this Great Source Water (God). And it is enough for him to just open one eye to see that nothing is more important than the Divine Creation, the natural one. Well, the natural is nothing but love in God. Successfully attain a degree of indescribable worship in God. This climb made, the man does more things to have money but rather to return to the Source.

Man needs his Source to be able to return, to return, to return ... to walk with the Source, and finally to dissolve in the Source.

Regarding worldly things, just want the necessary on earth, but not wanting to be the richest corpse of the cemetery. What's the point ?

In this series of 12 photos, I based myself on reflections taken with the help of puddles of water to try to show that there is another life. A world that one can not know, nor see if one does not have a third (developed) eye. As soon as this eye is awakened, we will feel close to the Source, we will even feel the Source. But given that the selection is limited to 5 works, I decided to take these 5 takes.

It is a photographic project to update the spirit of the Senegalese, telling them that life is not only a journey where one encounters beautiful vines to maintain relationships, or a "dibiterie" where one savors Good meat, or a large bar where one sips of sweet liquors ... Certainly one must take advantage of these good things but never forget that every day one must give thanks to the Source.

Senegal 2010

Curated by Djibril DRAME