Specialist in communication and visual artist, Djibril DRAME has made a name in the country of Téranga, thanks to his column "1 image worth a thousand words", published in the newspaper l'A between 2009 and 2011. The young man has very early is part of large local productions. Barely entered the world of photography in 2007, Djibril will participate as the youngest artist photographer in the book "Dakar Emoi" editions Vives Voice. Right after this project, he joined the daily Ace where he animated for a year a photo section called "A picture is worth 1000 words". In 2010, his art is exported internationally, he represents Senegal in international meetings of contemporary art: GRAFFRICA Festival in Las Palmas, Festival of the City of Tarifa (2011) ... Photographer appointed graffiti artist in Senegal, he exhibited at the Jam Down South Festival in Germany, from 24 to 30 November 2012, at the Goethe Institute in Dakar, from 23 October to 22 November 2014, an exhibition entitled "My Colorful City". From 19 to 29 November 2015, this same exhibition is hosted by the gallery lebasquiat art of Abidjan. 

Curated by Djibril Drame

Senegal 2007