SHORT FILM Shot and Directed by Djibril Drame, Sound & Editing by Jason Ogawa, Graphic Design by LeBasane and Ezra Daniels.

This work challenges traditional narrative structures by weaving the story of Muluken and Lukas, sister and brother, with that of Israel Dejene, founder of Megabiskate to create to picture of life in Entoto. In this narrative, Muluken teaches her brother about skateboarding and he is able to lift himself out of a cycle of poverty. The film mirrors the work of Israel Dejene, founder of Megabiskate. In 2005, Dejene watched kids in Entoto sliding down asphalt with plastic fixed to the bottom of their shoes and slipping into the cracks of systemic poverty so he decided to do something about it. He used his love for skateboarding to empower and engage the kids in the neighborhood. Megabiskate now works to develop self-esteem, confidence, and demonstrate alternative lifestyles to the troubles on the streets and provides hope and a future to the youth of his community.


Drame shot part one of this series on the streets of Entono in 2016 while in Addis Ababa for the Addis Foto Fest. Drame enlisted Muluken and Lukas, two young skaters, as models to showcase the lifestyle and graffiti of Entoto. Part two of the series will be shot on the streets of LA in 2017 with Israel Dejene. Working on the series emphasized the enormous influence of strong, powerful women in Drame’s life. As an artist and individual, he has been moved by the ways in which women can change society, alter perception, and promote patience.

Addis Abeba, Ethiopia 2016

Curated by Jessica Epstein